Saturday, December 1, 2012

Well its that time of year again. Everyone is making homemade gifts. I made a few myself. But its not what you think. Over the summer, we had lots of apricots, peaches, strawberry's, blueberry, basil, rosemary and lemons. WE Did a lots of Canning. Yup. Apricot jam, spiced peach butter, strawberry jam, peach rosemary lemonade, (really yummy) strawberry lemonade, pesto, dry rosemary salt, apple butter, apple sauce and just plain lemonade. We ate the 8 lbs blueberry's, they didn't last very long. Yeah my kids and i had loads of fun. And it was really easy to do. I broke my knee over the summer and its was nice to have something to do. So don't tell my family but there getting those items for x-mas. =) I miss scrap-booking. I have made a few mini albums over the years and i haven't posted them. So i thinking of starting it up again. so stay tune. =)

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